Sunday, 9 November 2008

i put on new garbs to go garment shopping...*Whee !
How else would i describe my day other than the mere word call "bliss"?

Teaching Nicholas is a lil frustrating today,that boy is on new epilepsy medication..
and so its so hard for me to catch his attention to do his mathematical calculation.
Poor Nicky mommy is feeling so blue..when she sent me out after tuition, she broke down.
What else can i do, other than reassure her that God is good and will make everything good in
His Glorious time?I hope she heart my words.Sigh..

Hmm, shopping at the Club21 Bazaar Sale is really a adrenaline pumping activity.
Prices are so low that u weep in glee! Oh i got myself 2 knit wears. A CK white long-sleeved military style blouse at $20. (original was $400)..another buy was a DKNY emerald green cropped wool cardigan. I saw a really nice cream coloured blouse by Alexander McQueen and a really intricated embroidered and sequinned dress by Dries Van Noten. OMG...the prices are slashed from thousand over to about 400plus, and i felt chafted for the lack of cash and practically to wear it out. Haahaaa..maybe someday when i turned from a poor designer into a social butterfly then i can perhaps get a chance to buy and wear it out! What a dream...

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