Saturday, 4 October 2008

I felt i have been drugged by some potent medication...of course i did not take any to start with...
Such things are incredulous by never say it wont happen because we are negligent in the things we consume or yearn after...* i have a bagful of riddling thought just so to let u know..haha

By the by, my day was so cool...i woke up early( by my terms of early during school holidays, i mean anytime before 10pm) ...lols... day had been fulfilling and rewarding..I read my rented novel, then had my brunch before going to back to start unraveling the plot of my novel...then realize.."Oh my!" i am rather late to prepare to go out for tuition.I had a quick shower then rushed out. On my journey out to the bus stop, i saw a collision between a motorcyclist and a van. Actually i saw the smoke first from afar then when i was nearing the scene it then dawned on me that the collided motorcyle sorta burn itself white. The remnants of the metal wreck was totally white and beyoud salvage. Tsk. tsk. Thankfully the bike owner was unscathed.*Phew. Of course, on such a quiet street, such happening drew crowds of curious onlookers. I, for one cannot afford the time to dally so i passed it after a cursory glance...

Teaching Nicholas today was so much fun. His recovery is amazing and his enthusiasium in class is really encouraging. Oh i can really testify God's miracle healing in this boy's mental and phsyical recovery.Since he never give up re-learning his basic motor and intectual skills, so how can i complain? I pretty much enjoy his eccentricities, such as trying to mumble something incoherent like " happy boy",hence giving me a jovial look then later declaring "sad boy" and gave a downcasted unbecoming...lols..

Lynette is such a cheery infectious lady!This sister just make me feel so bubbly and chatty all throughout our shopping trip. I met her to show her what and where is the place called Haji Lane, which i have been talking to her about. Later Kevin came along and joined us. Had those big fish ball noodle at Liang Seah Street. Went over to Bugis Village and show them the 2nd level of the shopping arcade. Oh yea...they had never ventured up there. Never crossed their mind that there are more shops above. So happy i can be their guide. wahahaha..Before being sent off for home in their car, we went back to Liang Seah Street to have our dessert.Mango sago pamelo and white fungus with rock sugar.

i am a saited girl..content at the mundanes...laughs

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