Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Could it be just me Or....

i went to watched Kungfu Panda with my church friends.
Went through this entertaining movie with so much laughter.
The cartoon are just so silly and of course like all cartoon,there are some moral behind the story.
Although its highly recommended by many,i still stick to Penelope.
Why?Cuz Penelope reflects my life more than Kungfu Panda does.
Simply that.I felt more for the character in the former movie than Kungfu.
I felt as trapped as Penelope.Oftening succumbing to my Aunt.
I know one way or another Aunt loves me,but i have been starting to doubt how much of that love is pure.I know i should not question that,but i cant help not to,cuz as i am a human,she is too. I cannot convince myself that one can be selfless to the extend that one loves others more than one ownself. We often kept and retain a part of us out of insecurity,of fear of being hurt and or harm.Trust has been abused and thus it has been jaded too.
i dislike the part about winning trust. I think it should not work this way, i thought it should be unconditional. I also decided and believe that one cannot win the hearts of many. My power is limited, so i shall maximise and use it to give my closer friends and family members who reciprocrate. Oh well, on certain times,i act on my whims,so i do pamper people when i feel like it.

About my aunt again,i think she is really sicko,i dun seem to find a day without her coming to harp on smth i have done wrong in the past or in the present. I really don't get it,why cant people think ahead and not keep recalling or nick picking the tiniest misdeed?Cant the misdeed be redeemed or salvage?i guess these trivial matters should be allowed to rest like dust. Have u tried sweeping the floor?When u tried to clean the place by sweeping, it is usually worst,cuz u are simply activating the dust particles,lifting them up in the air and u breathe in.They got stuck in ur nostrils,lungs,body system or other places.U wun really solve the prob of entirely weeding them. Perhaps with more thoughts, vacuuming it will be good?Washing or mopping it will better solve the prob too!Oh well,enough of chores. Enough of frustrating ah yi.

I am counting on God to fulfill my prayers. I count on Him to rescue me from my Rapunzel palace.I count on Him to give me a prince charming whom he loves and know will be able to take good care of me.FAIRY TALES are fictional make-believes given by God. They are presents that gives me momentary relieve from sick happenings!

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