Saturday, 8 March 2008

Outing With Ah Ryl is really fantastic!

We had noodles from my favorite noodle stall at bugis and then walks around the bugis mall...i spotted the bag i wanted so much at HURS. I think i am going to get it on my own nxt month.I am so happy that my girlfriend accompany to eat dessert at Seah St.The mango and pomelo is really delectable and matches my sweet palates...haha..

After dessert,we roam around some more ...personally i cant bare to part with Ah Ryl...we are like two silly sisters who cant help to poke at each other...haha..we updated and shared abt our lives.Ooh...i do hope she can get hitched to Brandon i can be her bridesmaid...haha day was spent fruitfully, shopping with 2 people..watching them spend but i did not spend a single cents on clothes.accessories and the "ling-ling long-long".*chiang chiang! i am darn proud of my resistance against shopping bugs!yay!!

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