Tuesday, 4 March 2008

i am feeling so weak and coughing fur balls...sick like never been sick in a loo..oong time alr.
So my birthday was passed in a silent dignified manner befit a 23 lady of the manor..haha..
My thoughtful cell this year has been very generous and loving.They gave me a surprise last friday at my void deck as i mentioned earlier on..then yesterday,when i went for DG at call ma's house,angie arrived with my FAVOURITE CAKE!Strawberry Shortcake from Fourleaves bakery.
It's like double-blessings la..

i had made some cute lil lollies for my friends!!
and i love the songs kaet burned for me on my birthday.Thanks girlfriend.Sorry that i cant help treating u like an adult and not give u room to grow.

Anyway..although there are quite a few high points on my birthday,cuz many friends whom i tot will forget actually remember and send me cool sms and prezzies..actually hearing "Happy Birthday JOY!" is good enough.I felt so blessed.For those who totally forgotten..i am actually quite affected by it thou.More than i thot i will be.So that put me like in a rather dissappointed moment,for.a.while.

Best of all!RACHEL CALLED FROM DOWN UNDER!!i MISS U BABE!As like u countdown to go back to aussie...i am gona countdown till u come back singapore!lols..

i guess..that's a much as i wana say

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