Tuesday, 8 January 2008

It'll be good to have more time to think...

i wana do a few things
  1. to write a belated post abt my last few weeks of dec, and also upload my year end of 2007 photos.
  2. to make pastries and sweet stuff for my family for the new year.
  3. to make more accessories collection.
  4. to fill my days with more marshmallow dreams and such.
  5. to feel appreciated by my peers.
  6. to be able to find God's presence amidst my busy busy busy time schedule.
  7. to share and love as much as i am loved.
  8. to sleep more hours and rest more.
  9. to lose some pounds before plump up even more during CNY 2008. SO SCARY!!!
  10. to do be a good student and find time to refine my drawing skills as well as be contended where i am selected into.(p.s: Vernon seems to hint that CM will put me into Apparel Design,instead of VM...which i am rather reluctant to accept still....)
Yep...finally,i wana to be a blessing unto others and live up to my name to be joyful and have a joyous status ,that can emulate Jesus' in His walk with God. Yay!!!=)

here are some pictorials of my current drawings...i hope u can see a gradual improvement...hahas..pls dun be turn off k..bear with these amateur line works...


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